Costuras – living with breast cancer, a photographic exhibition to raise social awareness about cancer.

Since its launch in 2009, more than 200 women have participated as models. Some agreed to be photographed out of solidarity with a friend or someone in their family. Others have or had cancer themselves, and had the courage to openly show their scars, thus sharing their true commitment to life.

These women are the true heroes of our project. The exhibition is dedicated to them, with our most sincere gratitude and respect for their positive attitude and inner strength.

Between 2014 and 2019 the exhibition travelled to 14 cities in five European and American countries, where more than 50.000 people had a chance to see it. In 2019 we decided to end this journey and we gave the photos back to their real owners: the women who had participated.

Every new day is a battle that has been won. There isn't a secret way to fight it, just the conviction that life is there to be enjoyed, to be lived to the bone and the stern belief that cancer is not going to defeat you.


That cancer brought me a huge lesson. There was strength, determination, will to fight and positive thinking. It showed me the value of my own will.


During the process I learnt to take life from another perspective, to gain some distance from problems in order to avoid being swallowed by them.